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released January 27, 2012

Highways was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dean Hadjichristou @ Addictive Sound
Produced by Terrence McAuley and Dean Hadjichristou
Additional vocal performance and production by Jon Desilva.

All tracks written and performed by We Were Sharks.



all rights reserved


WE WERE SHARKS Ottawa, Ontario

True North Pop-Punk
Ottawa, On.


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Track Name: Welcome To The Show
welcome to the show, leave your problems at the door. come and sing along and get out on the floor. this is what we wanted, this is what we need. this is heart and soul it’s just that easy to see. i guess that dreams do come true, but we owe it all to you. this is everything worth living for, blood sweat tears and so much more. this is the only thing we'll ever know, so welcome to the show. we’re not getting younger, the days go by so fast. we're running out of second chances so let’s make this one last.
Track Name: The Blackout Anthem
wake up wake up its time to have some fun, the night is young and so are we. get down get down i promise that it won’t be hard, just follow me. let’s make memories they cannot take from me. here's to friends that we love the most. raise your glass, this is our last toast. here's to nights we wish would never end. here's to tomorrow, we'll do it all again. drink up drink up another shot wont hurt you no, it's all on me. last call last call it's time to pack it up and go, but we won't leave. here's to friends
Track Name: Glory Days
the captain goes down with the ship. all hands on deck. sink or swim and i don't feel like drowning tonight. we've been doing this for years, the underdogs, but we stand here in front of all of you. we promise you, we won’t let you down, not this time around. our hearts are yours. to everyone who drinks alone. to everybody getting stoned. to all the girls out on the road. these are our glory days. to every single one night stand. to every boy who has no chance. to every dream along the way. these are our glory days. we won’t back down. we will stand our ground. we won’t back down, not this time around.
Track Name: A Summer on Elm Street
these summer nights will be the death of me. but that's alright this is what i need. the wind in my hair and the sand on my feet. damn were living it up tonight. so let's turn up the radio, we'll sing along to the songs we know. and don't wait up cuz we're not coming home. and the songs we'd sing, they meant everything. and you couldn't take that away. we wouldn't shut it down until the cops came around. it didn't matter much we went on and on and on. this is where i wanna be. take me there.
Track Name: When Push Comes To Shove
all my friends think i'm crazy but i'm just living out my dreams. and if i had one piece of advice, i would tell you to do the same. loyalty is so hard to find these days but we'll stay true. we're following our hearts down the only road we'll ever know to see how far it goes. but no matter what the future holds, when push comes to shove, we're doing what we love. watch what you say, cuz i've been patiently waiting to wipe that smile right off your face. and don't run your mouth, cuz me and my friends would love to put you right back in your place.
Track Name: I Only Like Their First Album (feat. Jonny OC)
looking back on yesterday i wonder what went wrong. we could of sang a different tune we could of sang a different song. i guess time was never really on my side, but i'm doing fine. i'm proud to say i never wasted my life. remember when we said we'd never grow up. stay young forever. late nights and long drives home made up the past few weeks. nobody said that this would be easy. i'm never backing down and i'm never giving up. we're doing fine. these are the days of our lives. never looking back, never regretting it, i'm fucking over it. i've got no time worrying myself away. in friends we trust. full steam ahead, we've got this.
Track Name: Stay Outta Riverdale (feat. Jon Desilva)
talk is cheap and i'm not buying it. you run your mouth and no one gives a shit. this is something that you don't deserve. as for me i put my heart into every word. you hate all of my friends but they hate you too. you think you got the best of me, you better think again. i don't stand alone, i stand here with my friends who always have my back until the bitter end. i'm calling you out, put your money where your mouth is. we're calling you out, so put your money where your mouth is.
Track Name: Keep Your Head Up Kid
this will be the first time i've ever felt alive in my whole life. and i owe it all to you, my friends, who i held to my heart until the end. now it’s time for me to go, but we'll be singing. we're not coming home until the curtains close. we're burning this place down tonight. this will be the last time you see my face around this town. cuz i've got bigger things to see and do. i've got bigger dreams to dream than all of you. the nights we live for, and the friends we'd die to have back.
Track Name: Go West, Young Man
it's three a.m. and i can't seem to close my eyes. a piece of me is missing when you're not by my side. nobody knows how much i need this. and i find comfort in the littlest of things. knowing you're somewhere, sleeping while i sing. the city lights are blinding. no sleep tonight, i'll be thinking of you. no matter where i go, you're home sweet home. i keep this picture of you to keep me company. you're the last thing that i see before i fall asleep. i wish you were here. my home sweet home.
Track Name: Highways (Over The Top)
i'm sorry i can't be who you want me to be. i'm following my heart, i'm following my dreams. and it doesn't come easy, and that's plain to see. i guess giving up never came easy to me. we'll keep our heads up high and we'll reach for the sky. what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. i guess this is worth fighting for. from coast to coast we sing our hearts out. these highways, they feel like home. These roads will always be our home, these roads are all we'll ever know.